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Trucking and 18 Wheeler Injuries


Texas highways are some of the busiest roadways in the country with traffic that frequently includes 18-wheelers or other commercial trucks.  Trucking companies put great emphasis on making sure deliveries are completed on time.  This can lead to drivers operating a 18-wheeler while drowsy, in an aggressive manor or excessive speed, driving with an overloaded truck or ignoring weather or traffic conditions.  Negligent driving can result in serious automobile collisions and often leads to catastrophic injury or death.  If you or a loved one is injured as the result of a collision with a 18 wheeler, you need an experienced attorney who can fight for you and ensure that you are fully compensated for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  The Janicek Law Firm has extensive experience and expertise in representing injured drivers.  We also have the ability to treat you with the personal care and respect that you deserve, while possessing the resources to try any case, no matter the complexity, to a successful result. If you would like a free consultation call us at 210-366-4949.

We have extensive experience in 18-wheeler trucking accidents. We know what it takes to help our clients in even the most traumatic of accidents. Here are some images from past 18-wheeler accidents:

This is the resulting 18-wheeler:

Below is the traumatic damage to our clients home: