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When your children are in the car accident as well

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Being hit when you are alone in your car is bad enough. Now imagine if your children were in your car as well. Unfortunately, many people do not have to imagine this because it is exactly what happened to them.

Adrenaline drives quite a few parents, as is common in stressful situations. They check on their children, making sure they are all right, and comfort them in the aftermath. Meanwhile, there is the other driver to deal with and possibly police officers. Who cares if your back hurts a little bit? What is more important is getting your children seen and treated, or if that does not seem necessary, then getting them to a safe place where they can rest and process the day’s events.

Remember to care for yourself

There may be no one looking out for you during this time, so it bears repeating: Remember to care for yourself. Only when you are in good shape can you best care for your children. That means if your back, neck or other body part is hurting, just a little, it is worth taking the time and hassle to get it checked out. Many car accident injuries that seem minor at first get worse and end up taking a tremendous mental, emotional and physical toll on families. You can possibly prevent much of that from happening by seeing a doctor up front.

Watch for longer-lasting mental symptoms/PTSD

Interestingly, events such as car accidents (even if no one seems injured) can prove stressful and traumatic for children for the next few months or even longer. By intervening early, you can hopefully stave off the worst effects. If your child seems scared to get in the car again, acknowledge these feelings. In general, give your child more attention and reassurance than usual, and if trauma or depression seem to be factors, talk about their fears and have your child see a mental health professional.

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