How the right attorney can help after a car accident

Many people fall for the common myth that you do not need a lawyer unless you face an extraordinary court battle. Anything short of that, they believe, you can handle on your own.

In reality, subscribing to this view can damage your case and cause heavy financial losses. The sooner you involve a qualified attorney, the more effective assistance you will be able to get, from ascertaining the facts to figuring out appropriate damages and pursuing a targeted strategy.

Figuring out the facts

You may think you know exactly how the accident happened. After all, you were there. However, in the stress of the moments immediately following a crash, it is perfectly normal not to notice things or to get the wrong impression. Factors may be present which you have no way of being aware of. The police report may also fail to give a complete picture of all relevant circumstances. Experienced lawyers know how to dig deeper, including examination of the vehicles and the accident site, as well as locating and speaking with witnesses.

Helping you make the best choice for you

Insurance companies often reach out and push strongly for a settlement, especially if a commercial vehicle is involved. Accident victims dealing with the situation on their own may think the insurance company wants to do the right thing and offers a fair amount. The truth is that insurance companies prioritize minimizing payouts. At this early stage of the case, there may not even be a way to calculate the full extent of the damage, as some injuries may not surface right away. Having reliable legal assistance can help you stay informed and make decisions in your best interest.

Negotiating on your behalf

Many cases do settle, so you may not need to face that court battle after all. However, you have a much better chance of getting fair compensation if you have an attorney who can negotiate effectively. Because anything you say to insurers or law enforcement – even casually – can be interpreted against you, it is wise to have your lawyer advise you concerning any interactions that could affect your case.


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