Local Fake Doctor Charges Clients Thousands of Dollars

In Boerne, Texas, a woman going by the name(s) Catherina Hunter or Katrinca Hunter stole the identity of a Chicago based doctor and pretended to be a highly qualified medical professional with multiple advanced degrees. For months she preyed on one of the most vulnerable segments of the sick, Stage IV cancer patients. Working out of her office at Hope of Life Alternative Treatment Center, she charged her clients thousands of dollars for daily visits, almost six times the rate similar treatments cost in places where they are common like California. She promised a 97% success rate by treating them in unorthodox methods like full body, direct Ozone treatments (Ozone is known to be harmful to humans) and other unusual ways. This method is called naturology, in which doctors believes natural products/treatment will result in better health. Her clients were so hopeful for a new chance at survival (because chemo therapy is not very effective against Stage IV cancers) that they were willing to pay $15,000+ out of pocket or more.
Since the warrant for her arrest was issued, she has been apprehended and released on bond. She claims she was not acting maliciously and was doing the right thing. She is now cooperating with the investigation which could result in charges ranging from forgery to practicing with a license and possibly identity theft.
The Janicek Law Firm believes this is a terrible potential offense and we want to aid those effected. We have begun investigating the accusations against her and have already been retained to represent effected parties. If you would like a free consolation in reference to this matter, please contact us at (210)-366-4949.

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