Semi Truck flips on I-35

We often talk about the potential damage caused by semi-trucks on the road. The latest example occurred at 1 p.m. March 30 on I-35 North and Eisenhauer Road on the city’s Northeast Side. According to a KSAT News report, the big rig destroyed a TxDOT road sign and utility pole.

The police issued a statement that said the truck’s hydraulics lifted the bed as if to empty its payload. This raised bed then snagged overhead powerlines and fiberoptic cables, forcing the big rig to flip onto its side and damaged other nearby vehicles on the road. The downed lines remained live, causing a fire on a nearby building as well as a grass fire. It also caused a loss of power to 6,000 customers.

Injuries to truck occupants

The only injuries involved the truck’s 43-year-old male driver and his 31-year-old female passenger. An ambulance took the man who had undisclosed injuries to the hospital, while the woman was flown to the hospital by helicopter with severe head injuries. The report said the truck’s registration was also expired. There was no word explaining why the truck’s hydraulics engaged, nor why there was a passenger in the truck. The crash likely caused millions of dollars in damages to property. The truck’s owner and the insurance company could also be liable for additional damages caused by the crash. It could include the building with a fire, fellow motorists, residents who lost power, and others impacted by the crash.


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