Six get Delta variant at Houston wedding

Life is seemingly returning to a new normal for many families. This means visits with elderly loved ones and family gatherings are back on the agenda. Everyone can once again get and receive hugs and kisses if they are fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, it has come to light that this may not be the case.

There are now reports in the media that the Delta variant was an uninvited guest at an outdoor wedding near Houston. The ceremony took place in a large open-air tent and featured 92 guests, all of whom needed to be fully vaccinated to attend. Now it six guests have contracted this new, more contagious variant.

The first two to get sick were a couple who flew from India. The man had no existing medical problems, and the woman had diabetes. They tested negative before boarding the plane and traveled ten days after receiving their second dose. The couple ended up in the hospital within six days, and the man eventually died a month after attending the wedding. Four other guests who interacted with the couple also contracted the virus. Two had Pfizer, and two had Moderna.

There is no way of telling what would have happened if six people had not been vaccinated; moreover, six out of 92 is hardly a super-spreader event. Nonetheless, this news should give pause to those who believe that this pandemic is behind us. Not only does this apply to friends and family, but it now may be the time to advocate for those in elder care facilities. Family members can check with the administration to see what it is doing to control the spread of this variant. If the answers are unsatisfactory, it could be an opportunity to move them to a facility that takes this health crisis more seriously.


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