Tip to police reveals ongoing nursing home abuse

Stories of shocking abuse remind people that they cannot make assumptions about the safety of nursing home residents in Texas. A recent case in a neighboring state came to light after the local police department received a tip about abuse by caretakers at a nursing home. The investigation resulted in the arrest of one certified nursing assistant. Police expect to arrest three other former employees of the facility suspected of abuse.

The police chief said that he later learned that someone had filed a complaint with the Department of Human Services months before the police department received a tip. He said that DHS should have alerted his department at that time, but a statement from DHS said that the agency was not required to inform law enforcement.

The arrest affidavit regarding the CNA taken into custody details evidence such as a selfie taken by the man with a naked man in the background. Two other phone pictures showed a man with a bleeding head in the shower. The suspect allegedly admitted to hitting and cursing at a man and treating a woman roughly. He said that he witnessed another employee abusing residents but did not report it.

The owner of the facility expressed shock and sadness about the abuse. In a written statement, he said that the background checks for the accused employees did not indicate problems. His company fired all suspects and has cooperated fully with law enforcement.

Someone concerned about nursing home abuse and neglect might not be able to rely on state agencies to make a timely investigation. A consultation with an attorney might inform a person about options for taking legal action. An attorney might organize evidence of abuse and prepare a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent organization that failed to provide a safe environment.


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