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An Experienced Firm That Can Help With COVID-19 Related Injuries and Death In Nursing Homes

The global pandemic has been difficult on us all. It has been particularly strenuous for healthcare workers, nursing home residents, and their families. While some nursing facilities have done a great job keeping their residents safe from COVID-19, others with persistent infection control problems have failed to do so. These nursing homes have neglected to follow clear safety regulations that would prevent an outbreak of COVID amongst their residents and staff. The results have been devastating for people working and living in these nursing homes.

In addition to the on-going pandemic, nursing home residents are experiencing other types of neglect like bedsores or pressure injuries, preventable infections, falls, medication errors, lack of attention and choking. Nursing homes usually rely on family members and volunteers to bring these health concerns and other problems residents face to the attention of staff members. However, with isolation and lockdown being essential to outbreak prevention, neglect has become more difficult for family members and volunteers to detect. Though these issues often occurred before the COVID-19 pandemic, they are now happening in record numbers.

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