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People suffer a wide range of injuries in public places every day. Common places include:
  • Retail stores, including grocery stores, department stores and gas stations
  • Hotels, including extended stay establishments, Airbnb and vacation rentals
  • Restaurants, including bars, night clubs, casual dining establishments and fast food restaurants
  • Construction sites, including private development sites, city or roadway improvement areas
Whether you sustained a slip-and-fall injury in the actual store or sidewalk, parking lot or parking garage outside of the establishment, you might be able to pursue a cause of action against the owners or managers of the property where your injury occurred. However, depending on the circumstances, proving liability can be difficult.

What’s Needed To Prove Liability For Property Injuries In San Antonio?

Under the law, property owners are required to take reasonable steps to ensure their property is safe from hazardous conditions. Liability could be assessed if the property owner:
  • Knew of a dangerous condition and failed to fix it
  • Should have known of the dangerous condition and failed to fix it
This commonly occurs with slip-and-fall accidents. A slip on the floor of a grocery store. A fall into a hole in a frequented area in a parking lot. A fall from a stairway with a slippery surface. These are all common. However, the facts and circumstances will often determine whether liability exists. There are also limitations and exclusions involved for every jurisdiction. Hiring an experienced attorney with knowledge of this type of law and what’s truly needed to prove a case is important to winning.

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