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Why does board certification matter?

When an attorney is board certified in a specific area of law, it means they are an expert in their field. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization awards certification to attorneys who have met their rigorous requirements. Of all the attorneys in the State of Texas, less than 10% have been awarded TBLS certification in at least one area of law, and only about 1% have been awarded TBLS certification in Personal Injury Law.

In our office, three out of four of our practicing attorneys and our senior paralegal are board certified with a legal specialization in Personal Injury law. Our board-certified team members have completed 60 hours of additional study in personal injury law, have brought at least 10 cases to trial, and have successfully passed a 6-hour exam that affirms their expertise.

This rare and important accolade is what sets Janicek Law apart from other personal injury and medical malpractice firms. When you hire us to represent you in any kind of injury claim, you can be confident that an expert is always working on your case.

Whether you are searching for an attorney to represent you regarding an injury you or a loved sustained, or to address another legal matter, make sure to consider TBLS certification when choosing who is best for the job.