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Hit and Run Accidents in San Antonio, TX

san antonio hit and run lawyer

Despite having severe legal consequences in Texas, hit and run accidents continue to injure people on a daily basis. Drivers who flee the accident scene after a car crash can be both criminally and civilly liable for injuries sustained in the accident. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a hit and run auto accident, you can recover compensation for any injuries or property damage from the accident. The at-fault driver can be hard to locate, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take legal action. A qualified hit and run accident lawyer at Janicek Law can assist you and explore all legal options. San Antonio car accident attorneys at Janicek Law focus on finding the responsible party and recovering compensation while you focus on healing. 

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Hit and Run Accident Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

san antonio hit and run attorney

Hit and run car accidents can result in serious bodily injuries for the victim and criminal charges for the liable driver. A hit and run is a criminal offense. Under Texas law, drivers have a responsibility to stay at the scene of an accident and render aid as needed. Intoxication manslaughter carried a heavier sentence than fleeing the scene of an accident, so drunk drivers were more likely to leave the accident scene. Now a hit and run case can be prosecuted as anything from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the extent of injury or damage.  

How to Find the Person Responsible for a Hit and Run Accident in Texas

Hit and run drivers can be held responsible for any injuries and property damage they caused. It can be difficult to figure out how to recover the compensation you need if you don’t know who caused the accident. At Janicek Law, we perform a thorough investigation to identify the at-fault driver. We use camera footage, police reports, eyewitnesses, and evidence from the accident scene to identify the other driver. 

If a driver hit your parked car and fled the scene, it may be more difficult to find the hit and run driver with no witnesses. Drivers still have a responsibility to leave their information, even if no one was injured during the collision. You can still seek compensation for damage to the parked vehicle. No matter how the accident happened, Janicek Law can provide the legal counsel you need. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 210-366-4949

Filing a Claim with the Insurance Company for Damages

It is illegal to drive without car insurance in Texas. In most cases, an insurance claim can help you pay for medical expenses and property damage after a car accident. Drivers exchange insurance information after a car accident, but in the case of a hit and run, the other driver doesn’t stick around to exchange information. In the event of a hit and run, your insurance company will treat an unknown driver the same as an uninsured driver, so your uninsured motorist coverage should kick in. The insurance claims process can be difficult in a hit and run case since you have to prove that you did everything possible to locate the unknown driver. Insurance companies will also often try to get you to settle for significantly less than you deserve. An experienced San Antonio hit and run accident lawyer can help protect your best interests in this case. 

How to Protect Your Right to Compensation After a Hit and Run Accident in Texas

After a serious accident, stress and fear can run high. If you or a passenger was injured in a car accident, it can be easy to make a mistake and say something that can be used against you later. Follow the steps below to protect your right to compensation. 

Seek Medical Attention

Get a thorough medical exam as soon as possible. Accidents get your adrenaline pumping and cause shock, which can mask any injuries that you may have. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries can develop after the accident. Visit your doctor and let them know what happened. Be sure to follow all of your doctor’s orders to care for your injuries. Then, be sure to contact San Antonio traumatic brain injury attorneys and San Antonio spinal cord injury attorneys to learn about your legal options.

Collect Evidence

The moments following a car accident can be stressful. If another driver flees the scene, it’s important to write down any identifying information you can remember. Memory can fade over time, so record the information as soon as possible. Any identifying information like bumper stickers, license plate number, and the make, model and color of the car can be crucial information in your case. The police report will have the statements of any eyewitnesses that can lend credibility to your case.  

Don’t Admit Fault

When you report the accident to your insurance company, don’t give any information about your injuries or what you think caused the accident. Let them know you are contacting a hit and run lawyer and getting a medical exam. You can decline to give an official statement until you speak to a San Antonio hit and run attorney at Janicek Law. Anything you say in the statement can be used against you later. 

Hire a Hit and Run Lawyer

For the best outcome in your case, hire a San Antonio hit and run accident lawyer. At Janicek Law, we can provide the legal help you need to find the at-fault driver and seek compensation from them. 

Hit and Run Claim Compensation

Compensation will not solve every problem, but it can help take care of any financial losses stemming from a hit and run accident. The experienced hit and run lawyers at Janicek Law will tell you what damages are available for your car accident lawsuit.

Economic Damages

Economic damages include any financial loss you experienced because of the accident. Economic damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income potential

The purpose of this compensation is to return the injured victim to the same financial state they were in before the accident. Medical expenses and lost wages can add up quickly. You shouldn’t have to worry about how to provide for your family after a serious injury leaves you unable to work. 

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are a little trickier to prove. You can seek compensation for the pain the accident caused. Unfortunately, pain doesn’t provide receipts. A legal team has to prove that there was additional emotional damage caused by the other driver. The talented team of attorneys at Janicek Law can work to prove non-economic damages such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • And more

If you’re wondering: what is loss of consortium worth after a car accident? San Antonio emotional distress attorneys can answer this question and more regarding non-economic damages.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are intended to punish the at-fault party. If the accident was caused by the irresponsible decisions of the other driver, they can be hit with punitive damages. Examples of this include drivers who were intoxicated or otherwise impaired while driving. 

Hit and Run Statute of Limitations in Texas

In Texas, victims of a hit and run car crash have two years to file a civil case against the responsible driver. The injuries sustained in hit and run accidents can be extensive, but two years can go by quickly.

Don’t hesitate to contact a hit and run accident lawyer. The sooner we can begin the investigation, the more likely it is that the unknown driver can be identified.

Experienced San Antonio Hit and Run Attorney

The hit and run accident attorneys at Janicek Law know that these accidents can be devastating. Hit and run accidents can be criminally prosecuted, which means you will likely have to deal with a criminal defense attorney trying to turn your life inside out. At Janicek Law, our board-certified attorneys have been fighting for the rights of the injured for more than 25 years. We keep the best interests of our clients in mind through every step of the legal process.

Whether you sustained serious injuries or minor property damage from a San Antonio hit and run accident, we can help recover the compensation you need. In the most devastating cases, hit and run cases can cause the death of a loved one. The San Antonio wrongful death attorneys at Janicek Law can help you pursue a wrongful death suit. A lawsuit won’t bring a loved one back, but it can help pay for extensive medical expenses and funeral costs. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and begin your attorney-client relationship. 

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