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Auto accidents involving commercial vehicles, such as semitrucks, tractor-trailers, dump trucks and 18-wheelers, often cause widespread destruction. When commercial vehicles are involved in an auto accident, the likelihood of death rises for drivers, passenger, bikers and pedestrians involved.

Here’s why.

Top Four Reasons Why Semitrucks Are So Much More Dangerous Than Passenger Vehicles

1. Size

Commercial vehicles, particularly 18-wheelers, weigh tens of thousands of pounds — and that’s without the weight of a load. It isn’t uncommon for big rigs carrying cargo to weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When a vehicle this size collides with a passenger vehicle a fraction of a semitruck, injuries are often very serious.

2. Heavy, Dangerous Cargo

Big rig vehicles often carry dangerous cargo, like heavy, sharp industrial equipment or hazardous chemicals. Any motor vehicle accident involving cargo like this is likely to result in serious injuries to those involved. All it takes is the penetration of a windshield by a sharp object or equipment collapsing on top of a small car to result in death.

3. Blind Spots

All vehicles have blind spots. However, big rig blind spots are much more prevalent because they are located not only on each side of the truck but in the front and very back as well. And, more blind spots mean a greater likelihood of a CMV driver sideswiping a passenger car and causing a collision.

4. Drivers

Many drivers often drive past the speed limit — but it’s usually because they are running late for work or an appointment. CMV drivers, on the other hand, often speed because it affects their bottom line. Many are often paid by the mile. The further they can travel in the least amount of time means the more they are paid.

As a result, many CMV drivers will do what it takes to get as many miles in as possible, even if it means driving with little sleep or refusing to stop to conduct vehicle maintenance for safety purposes. This behavior also contributes to the increased potential for a trucking accident.

Why Injured Parties Need Experienced Legal Help

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, getting a lawyer to help with the process is vital. But when a semitruck driver is at fault, hiring an attorney is more important than ever.

These cases frequently involve commercial entities with significant resources and top-notch insurance companies to fight on their behalf. Your attorney must be able to go toe-to-toe with these entities.

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