Birth Injuries

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An injury to a newborn baby is a type of trauma unlike any other. The joy parents experience during the birth of their child is trumped by sadness, fear and panic about what the future holds for their new baby.

If you believe your newborn suffered injuries because of the negligence of the OB-GYN, nurse or other medical staff, you may have a legal cause of action.

Although our lawyers cannot undo the harm caused to you, your baby or your family, we can help you obtain damages to help pay for the necessary medical, educational and other important expenses needed for your child in the years to come.

Over Two Decades Of Experience

Our team of attorneys has over 20 years of combined legal experience litigating cases for individuals and their families located all throughout the state of Texas who have experienced birth injury and other personal injury matters.

We handle all birth injury and trauma cases, including but not limited to:

Our Experience Negotiating With Insurance Companies

We have worked with many different insurance companies that have been retained by health care entities, hospitals or doctors to defend against negligence claims.

We know the tactics they use. Many often delay, deny or lowball settlements for injured victims. At Janicek Law, we will advocate for you to make sure this does not happen.

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Even if you are unsure your baby’s injury was due to the negligence of the hospital staff, contact us to set up an appointment to talk about your situation. Our experienced team of lawyers can discuss the law and offer advice on potential legal options available.

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