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Car accidents today are much more severe than they were 50 years ago. Speed limits are much higher, and distractions are more prevalent. Catastrophic injuries to the head, neck, brain — you name it — are common.

Fortunately, auto accident victims have legal recourse options to pursue compensation to pay for the harm associated with their injuries.

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Our attorneys carry extensive experience handling many types of personal injury cases for individuals located all throughout San Antonio and across the state of Texas.

We work as a team to get the justice and compensation our clients desperately need and deserve.

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As a result, our collaborative approach is a big reason why our firm has recovered millions of dollars for parties injured in a wide range of accidents, including those caused by fatigued truck drivers, drunk drivers or those who have caused a collision due to texting behind the wheel.

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If you have been injured in any type of car wreck, truck accident, SUV or motorcycle collision or injured while riding your bike or walking across the street, let us use our expertise to help you with your claim.

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We also have experience handling wrongful death lawsuits for families who have lost loved ones in tragic car accidents.

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