Nursing Home Injuries

Has Your Elderly Loved One Been Hurt At Their Care Facility?

Today, almost 1.5 million elderly individuals reside in nursing homes all across the country. Given the number of aging baby boomers, that number is expected to rise significantly in the next decade.

Sadly, many nursing home residents suffer from both neglect and abuse at the hands of personnel.

Common Types Of Neglect In Nursing Homes

There are countless ways a nursing home resident can be neglected, but common instances include:

  • Neglect of basic needs such as water, food or a clean environment
  • Bedsores or pressure injury due to lack of hygiene or immobility
  • Falls due to a lack of resident assistance
  • Choking due to inappropriate diet and supervision
  • Medication errors

Coronavirus Testing Can Bring Problems To Light

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown our nation the extreme vulnerability of nursing home residents. At a time in their lives when they need family the most, visiting restrictions and other safety measures are keeping residents from their families. Sadly, this isolation has made it difficult for family members to check in on their loved ones. In the past, a weekly visit could keep family members attuned to their loved one’s health and well-being. As the coronavirus continues to take hold of Texas and the entire country, and as families continue being unable to check on their relatives, potential abuse and neglect goes undetected. However, many nursing homes routinely test all nursing home residents and staff — not just those who are exhibiting symptoms. The testing and subsequent test results have uncovered abuse and neglect in nursing home and long-term care facilities. If your family has been informed of abuse or neglect, or if you have been made aware of mistreatment in the aftermath of COVID testing or COVID diagnosis, do not hesitate to reach out and talk to us.

Instances Of Abuse By Residents And Nursing Home Staff

Many nursing home residents can also suffer from abuse, separate from neglect or together with neglect. Hitting, slapping, punching and other physical abuse that causes bruises or broken bones often occurs. Emotional abuse, including verbal insults or threats or isolation, and sexual abuse can also occur.

An Experienced, Compassionate Legal Team To Help Get Justice

Few things are more alarming than to learn about your loved one’s devastating treatment or experience at a nursing home. If you suspect neglect or abuse at the hands of nursing home personnel, we can help you and your loved one get justice.

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