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We know what it takes to get the compensation and justice you and your family need and deserve. We have helped hundreds of clients who were injured in auto accidents, surgical, medical and hospital errors, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We Protect The Elderly
Proven and Compassionate Legal Guidance. We stop abuse and neglect.
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Medical Malpractice
Dependable and Accomplished. We know what it takes to win a case.
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Auto Accidents
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Truck Accidents
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Assisted Living
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Premise Liability
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We Negotiate With Insurance Companies — So You Don’t Have To

Each of our lawyers has extensive expertise collaborating with insurance companies who are frequently involved with the negotiation and settlement process of personal injury claims.

Insurance carriers have a great deal of expertise and resources at their disposal. At Janicek Law, we are here to level the playing field by advocating for you, fighting to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

Satisfied Clients.
Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts And Settlements.
For More Than 20 Years.

Why Hire Janicek Law?

We fight for you. Many attorneys take personal injury cases and settle quick.

We know when to negotiate a settlement and when you deserve more.

We have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts, settlements and awards for clients injured in a wide range of instances.

Few firms have over 20 years of experience, and even fewer of those firms have attorneys who are board certified in personal injury law.

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Meet Our Team

Everyone in our office has a real dedication to helping hardworking people get the justice they deserve.
– Beth Janicek, Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney

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Beth S. Janicek
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Andrew Skemp
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Jessica Rodriguez
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Mona Power
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Philip G. Bernal
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Our Clients

Life is not always fair or is it. I guess it depends on who one may ask. My wife has suffered for many of our 47 years of marriage. Recently something happened to her that made her suffering a lot worse. Our life got a whole lot darker. I guess it was fate or the Lord himself that we found the Janicek Law firm. No my wife is not cured but we can have a little to smile about as we continue on. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Janicek. You are real!
By John Felsing

Thank you to Beth, Andrew, and Mona for all of your hard work, professionalism, and dedication to winning my Mother’s case against the negligent nursing home. All of the attorney’s and staff at Janicek Law worked with heart, dedication, and professionalism. My calls and emails were always answered which I greatly appreciated when I had a question regarding the case. I am extremely grateful for everything they have done, and I am so glad that I found them. I would recommend Janicek Law to anyone going against negligent nursing homes, as they have the knowledge, ability, professionalism, resources, and dedication to represent you.
By Elizabeth White

Janicek Law handled my case with such professionalism. I was always kept in the loop about what was going on with my case. Cassidy Muniz is amazing at what she does and I really felt like they actually cared about me and my case. Highly recommend!
By Breanna Brown

Beth and Mona have been truly helpful with our case! They have really done an amazing job. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know.
By Crystal Mendoza Rodriguez

Incredibly talented and knowledgeable attorneys that will fight negligent nursing homes and bring Justice to the elderly and their families.

I am very happy and pleased with the Janicek Law Firm. I had such a difficult time attempting to find someone to look into my case. The Janicek Law Firm has been very professional and attentive to my questions. They will take the time and review your situation. I have been very pleased with their dedication in reviewing my case.
By Travis W. Zella

Janicek Law was patient and understanding to my situation – it’s a fight – but they would make my father proud – thanks for taking the time to look over my case and speaking up for my family.
By Delbert Mathis, Jr.

Janicek Law is the MOST AMAZING firm in the world in my eyes. Beth Janicek and Mona Powers are truly passionate about what they do. All of the attorneys and staff members at Janicek are very professional, knowledgeable, and patient with their clients. I truly appreciated their thorough review of my case from beginning to end. I can’t say enough about how truly AWESOME they are! If you are looking for a firm to help you, defend you, support you, and get the job done right. Look no further, Janicek is the firm for you!! God Bless!!
By T G

I could not be happier with the compassion and service from Janicek Law. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly throughout the entire process. I would give ten stars if I could – They are excellent!
By Stephanie Estrada

Reach Out To Experts You Can Trust. Free Consultations.

Our past verdicts, settlements and numerous awards are testament to our ability to successfully recover monetary compensation for those who have been wronged. If you or a loved one was seriously injured, reach out to our trusted firm for legal guidance. We will explain your rights under the law and your legal options.

Call 210-988-9856 today. Free consultations. Home or hospital visits always available.

If you lost a loved one in a tragic accident, call us. We will work to ensure you recover all that is available in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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