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Bedsores or pressure ulcers are skin injuries that can lead to infections and other complications. Commonly seen in hospitals and care facilities, they can be a sign that patients or nursing home residents are being neglected.

If you have a parent or grandparent who is suffering from bedsores or complications related to bedsores, contact a lawyer at once. At Janicek Law, our team of attorneys are ready to advocate on behalf of your loved one for any injuries sustained in a Texas nursing facility.

Did The Nursing Home Patient Receive Proper Care?

Residents with limited or a complete lack of mobility are reliant on nursing staff for the necessary care that can prevent ulcers. But when nurses and aids fail to do their due diligence, the results can lead to your loved one sustaining serious skin wounds.

This occurs when:

  • Residents are not turned or repositioned regularly to alleviate pressure on skin tissue.
  • There is improper turning or repositioning that causes tissue shearing.
  • Friction is caused by the rubbing of fabric or objects against bony parts of the body.

A bedridden resident in the nursing home may not be able to communicate their pain or discomfort. If you notice that your elderly family member is not receiving proper care, do not hesitate to report it.

Negligence In The Nursing Home Is Never Acceptable

You trusted the care of someone you love to people that you believed were qualified. But when their negligence has caused a preventable injury or wrongful death, it’s time to seek out an attorney.

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