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5 commonly delayed car accident injuries

When you get into a fender bender, you may not think that you are hurt. However, you have a lot of adrenaline after an auto accident, which masks pain from injuries.

If you do not feel immediate pain, you may try to wait and see and get medical attention later. This will hurt your case. Insurance companies and juries will not believe you were injured if you did not promptly seek medical treatment. Assuming your injuries are minimal and not getting treatment are two of the biggest mistakes you can make after an accident. Here are five commonly delayed injuries:

How to tell if the nursing home is neglecting your parent

If your parent resides in a Texas nursing home, you likely worry about the level and quality of care (s)he receives there. Despite all the federal and state laws that protect nursing home residents from abuse and neglect, elderly and ill patients nevertheless often receive substandard care

Obviously, you cannot go to your parent’s nursing home every day to check up on him or her, but you should be on the lookout for signs of abuse or neglect each and every time you go there. Here are some red flags to watch for.

When your children are in the car accident as well

Being hit when you are alone in your car is bad enough. Now imagine if your children were in your car as well. Unfortunately, many people do not have to imagine this because it is exactly what happened to them.

Adrenaline drives quite a few parents, as is common in stressful situations. They check on their children, making sure they are all right, and comfort them in the aftermath. Meanwhile, there is the other driver to deal with and possibly police officers. Who cares if your back hurts a little bit? What is more important is getting your children seen and treated, or if that does not seem necessary, then getting them to a safe place where they can rest and process the day's events.

Watch out for financial exploitation in nursing homes

Having a parent in a nursing home already comes with much anxiety. You worry about the various types of abuse that can occur, as well as medical errors and neglect due to increasing rates of understaffing.

Perhaps your parent is lucky enough to escape these horrors, but there are others to be aware of. One of the most common forms of elder abuse, and maybe the easiest to hide, is financial exploitation. Know the types and signs so you can prevent your parent from losing valuable assets or getting kicked out of the nursing home for overdue bills.

When to see a doctor after a car accident

Unless you get into a severe collision that draws emergency responders to the scene, you may not know if or when you should go to the doctor following a car accident. Maybe your provider has limited availability or you do not have health insurance right now. What do you do?

The simple answer is to see a medical professional as soon as possible no matter the circumstances. It will only help your case.

Misuse of Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes Rampant

Large amounts of nursing homes here in Texas are understaffed, creating a situation where the nurses are stretched too thin in the activities. Many of the residents have mental health issues that require extensive attention and can be challenging to deal with. The common person would expect the homes to just hire additional nurses to pick up some of the work, but in practice the nursing homes have decided on a cheaper, more sinister solution.

Important facts about common medication errors in nursing homes

One issue that might affect residents in a San Antonio area nursing home or retirement community involves medication. Many seniors take prescription drugs to maintain their health, manage symptoms and alleviate discomfort. Nursing homes and retirement communities must provide their residents with the care and assistance to ensure their daily needs and medical care are met. Unfortunately, some facilities fall short of this obligation, exposing their residents to abuse and neglect. 

Medication errors are a growing problem for nursing home residents. When nursing staff members are negligent with their residents’ medication, serious health complications and death are the likely outcomes. Take some time to consider the following information on nursing home medication errors and their impact on seniors. 

Reasons to reject an insurance settlement after a car accident

After a car accident, one of the things you have to do is notify your insurance provider. The other driver will also notify his or her insurer. You may think that what will naturally follow is each company compensating you for the accident, especially when it is not your fault.

However much this makes sense, it is not a definite reality. Insurance companies do not want to give up profits and will do whatever they can, sometimes even illegally, to keep their money. They know outright denials of your claim can lead to an immediate lawsuit, so they may just offer you a settlement instead. You may think it is a fair amount, but you should not accept it for the following reasons:

What happens when nursing homes are understaffed?

If you have a loved one who you may soon need to place in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you probably want to do everything in your power to see that the care he or she will ultimately receive is top-notch. Regrettably, however, many nursing homes suffer from chronic understaffing, and this can have a considerable effect on the level of care your loved one will receive.

Per NursingHomeAbuseGuide.org, the nursing home understaffing problem is so prevalent in America that it impacts more than 90 percent of the nation’s nursing homes.

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