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Is your parent a victim of abuse in an assisted living facility?

When you help your parent get situated in an assisted living facility, you hope for the best. You do your research, tour the facility and get to know the staff. Once your parent settles in, you make regular visits to ensure everything is going according to plan.

But even if things seem fine from the start, that may not be the case. Staff members at some assisted living facilities are perpetrators of elder abuse. This may be more common than you think. In fact, 10% of Americans aged 60 or older experience elder abuse. But how do you know when this is happening? Here is some information on the forms of abuse that can occur in assisted living facilities and warning signs that should make you suspicious.

How to prepare for and respond to car accidents

Car accidents are traumatic, confusing and expensive. A collision can hurl you into financial and medical turmoil. If you are not prepared for such an event, you may struggle with the aftermath, including insurance costs and hospital bills

Thankfully, you can take steps before and after a car crash to reduce the burdens you deal with as a result. Here are some things you can do to successfully handle an auto accident.

Is the nursing home chemically restraining your parent?

If you are someone who has made the difficult decision to move your parent into a Texas nursing home due to his or her age and/or health condition, you probably worry that the nursing home may not be giving him or her the necessary care (s)he deserves. Sadly, you may have more cause for concern than you realize, especially if your parent suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently, an investigation of 15,000 nursing home facilities throughout America revealed that the staffs in many of them routinely administer antipsychotic drugs to their patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other illnesses and conditions for which such drugs are contraindicated. The top three drugs of choice for this illegal drug administration consist of the following:

  1. Haloperidol
  2. Seroquel
  3. Risperidone

4 myths you may believe about car accidents

San Antonio is a large city. Motorists navigate the metro area by driving on a network of roads, highways and bridges. While you can stay safe behind the wheel by driving carefully, you may not be able to avoid a motor vehicle accident forever. 

How you behave during and after a collision is important. Nonetheless, there are a few collision myths that may lead you down the wrong path. Here are four things you may believe about car accidents that are not necessarily true. 

Important elements of a nursing home abuse claim

When you select a nursing home for your loved one, you expect the staff to provide the proper care. Unfortunately, some people discover that employees neglect their duties, which can lead to serious harm.

In such cases, it may be possible to seek restitution. Before you pursue a claim, there are a few important elements that you should be aware of.

When facial injuries occur in nursing homes

Nursing homes can be the site of injuries and abuse for the elderly. If a nursing home staff member is neglectful or fails to properly perform his or her job, a nursing home resident can suffer from a serious injury.

Some injuries, such as bed sores or fractures, may not be immediately apparent. However, facial injuries tend to be obvious, and may indicate nursing home neglect.

Traumatic brain injury is a common result of a car crash

When you think of a traumatic brain injury, football, soccer or some other contact sport may come to mind. But did you know that this kind of injury is relatively uncommon in the sports world? A much more likely venue for a serious head injury is the scene of a car crash.

A little background

3 signs your parent is experiencing nursing home abuse

If your elderly parent is in a nursing home, it is normal for you to expect him or her to receive a high standard of care. Older people need assistance with daily tasks and consistent medical attention. When you choose a long-term care facility for your parent, you hope you are making the right choice.

Sadly, not all nursing homes are good environments. In fact, some can be downright abusive. Watch out for these red flags that your mom or dad is in a dangerous situation.

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