COVID-19 continues to impact eldercare facilities

Countless news outlets cover the plight of COVID-19 in nursing homes and eldercare facilities. It is an important story because they have compromised immune systems, their age and close living quarters all make then more vulnerable to the virus.

Families even have difficulty gathering information from elderly loved ones because they have limited access because of health concerns. It’s a difficult situation where there are no easy solutions.

New figures in

One Austin television station has extensively covered COVID-19 trends here in Texas and published some important data on August 26. This includes figures from nursing homes and assisted living facilities provided by the Health & Human Services Commission:

Nursing homes

  • There are 22,892 cases reported at 1,023 sites.
  • There are cases in 83.6% of all elder care facilities in Texas.
  • There are 3,232 deaths linked to the virus.
  • There are 12,715 instances of recovery from the virus.

Assisted living facilities

  • There are 2,380 cases reported at 577 facilities.
  • There are cases reported at 29% of all assisted living facilities in the state.
  • There are 431 deaths linked to COVID-19 in these facilities.
  • There are 1,223 instances of recovery from COVID-19 in these facilities.

Legal guidance may be necessary

Families who have lost an elderly loved one or are concerned about the treatment an elderly loved one receives may need to seek the legal help of a personal injury attorney who handles elder abuse cases. These are unprecedented times, but unfortunately, there is evidence that some facilities and staff are not rising to the occasion in protecting their elderly charges. Those who fear this is the case can talk to an attorney today.


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