Crash reconstruction can strengthen a victim’s claim

Law enforcement will write up a report when there is a motor vehicle crash that involves injuries or death. Nevertheless, independent investigators hired by the plaintiff can provide additional insight into the cause of the crash. Through their work, they may determine that a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel or that a negligent driver in a car was not watching the road until it was too late to avoid a crash.

How do they do it?

These experts are often automotive technologists, retired or off-duty law enforcement, or engineers. They examine all elements of the crash included in law enforcement’s report, and they often will go out to the crash site to determine if any details were missed. They will note skid marks on the road, point of contact, scrub marks, the surroundings and any other damage caused by the crash. Examining damage to all involved vehicles by applying physics, engineering, and mathematics principles can provide additional fact-based insights into the cause of the crash.

The benefits

They can strengthen the case in different ways:

  • Their attention to detail can provide a more accurate picture of the incident.
  • Because they are not eyewitnesses, their analysis and testimony are not fading memories of someone who saw the crash occur.
  • They can provide expert testimony in court using visual aids or even computer simulations.

These experts’ services are not free. Regardless of the case’s outcome, the plaintiff will need to pay these experts for their time and expertise, any additional expenses as well as travel in lodging if necessary.

Attorneys still necessary

Our San Antonio car accident lawyers often recommend using crash reconstruction experts to provide a clear picture to the judge and jury. However, the attorney is still at the center of the case. Their skill in preparing the case and then presenting the argument in court enables the victims to get the compensation they deserve.


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