Why you need an attorney right away after truck accident

A collision with a large truck is bound to lead to serious and debilitating injuries for any motorist in this unfortunate situation. When such an accident takes place, it is crucial that you as the victim retain a skilled attorney as soon as possible. You are an accident victim, but you do not want to be victimized again by the trucking company or its insurance provider.

Besides seeking immediate medical attention, another matter you must take care of right away is contacting an attorney. A dedicated legal advocate protects you from the trucking company’s insurance provider, which is not looking out for you. It simply wants to see your case go away, offering you an enticing, but low-ball insurance settlement as well as excuses to cover up wrongdoing of the truck driver or trucking company.

Insurance company betting against you

A trucking company’s insurance company is betting that you will not retain an attorney so that it can deal directly with you. It wants to settle as soon as possible. In these situations, the insurance company will do its best to take advantage of you. The insurance company will strike quickly, offering what, on the surface, appears to be a solid and fair offer.

While the temptation is there, do not take the offer. The insurance company is counting on you to make a hasty decision without consulted trusted friends, colleagues, physicians and an attorney. It also will try to pin the blame for the accident on you.

The ways an attorney helps

You need to promptly contact a skilled personal injury attorney. Here is how an attorney can help:

  • Gathering evidence, while preserving data in support of your claim. Such evidence may include the driver’s logbook to make sure it has no signs of tampering; the truck’s GPS system or other data-capturing devices; skid marks and debris at the accident scene; truck maintenance records; the driver’s background; and blood alcohol content (BAC) of the driver or other evidence related to substance abuse.
  • Directing you to medical specialists for the proper care that you need. Catastrophic injuries may require surgery and lengthy rehabilitation.
  • Arranging for a replacement vehicle if you need one.
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf for medical bills lost wages and other damages. This is where an attorney’s skills really work in your favor. He or she will protect you, knowing how to deal with insurance companies.

Having a skilled legal ally in your corner is crucial if you sustain injuries in a trucking accident. An attorney protects you, advocates for you and does his or her best to negotiate a solid settlement for you and your family.


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