4 myths you may believe about car accidents

San Antonio is a large city. Motorists navigate the metro area by driving on a network of roads, highways and bridges. While you can stay safe behind the wheel by driving carefully, you may not be able to avoid a motor vehicle accident forever.

How you behave during and after a collision is important. Nonetheless, there are a few collision myths that may lead you down the wrong path. Here are four things you may believe about car accidents that are not necessarily true. 

1. You are fine 

If you do not have much property damage and feel fine after an automobile accident, you may think you do not need to see a doctor. After all, seeking medical treatment can be both expensive and time-consuming. You should not, however, skip a visit to the emergency room. Traumatic brain injuries and other conditions can take time to reveal themselves. Even worse, they can plague you for the rest of your life. For peace of mind, ask a doctor to examine you after any automobile accident. 

2. You can leave the police out of it 

Car wrecks can be both stressful and embarrassing. As such, the other driver may ask you to resolve the incident without involving law enforcement. That approach is probably a mistake. Police officers receive extensive training on investigating accidents. They know how to assign fault and document the accident scene. Simply put, because you want an official record of the accident, you should always call the police. 

3. Your insurance company cares about you 

Insurance companies must maximize profits for their shareholders. To achieve this objective, your insurer probably wants to pay you as little as possible. Unfortunately, settlement offers are often grossly inadequate to compensate you for your injuries and property damage. Therefore, you may need to treat the insurance company as an adversary rather than a friend. 

4. You can take care of the accident yourself 

For most things in life, an independent streak can serve you well. With an automobile accident, though, you may lack the necessary skills to effectively advocate for yourself. By understanding when to ask for help, you increase the chances of receiving proper compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Even though car wrecks happen all the time, there is a significant amount of misconception about automobile accidents. By realizing what you do not know, you can develop a strategy for protecting yourself and your legal interests after a collision.


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