Contaminated mental health drug could endanger certain users

There are medications that can drastically improve someone’s outlook on life and mental health, as well as drugs that can improve someone’s physical health and safety. Some drugs can do both. The drug Lamictal, whose generic name is lamotrigine, is a popular ACE inhibitor medication that doctors also often prescribe for bipolar disorder, a very common and disabling mental health condition. Physicians can also prescribe the drug for epilepsy. Psychiatric drugs and epilepsy medication can drastically improve someone’s safety and quality of life.

Unfortunately, manufacturers can make mistakes when producing drugs, as they can with making any other product. Recently, testing found that certain Lamictal tablets wound up contaminated by another chemical used to make other drugs. That means that people taking Lamictal could be at risk for medical complications due to this dangerous medication manufacturing mistake.

What this contamination could mean for patients

The compound detected in the contaminated Lamictal was enalapril maleate. Typically a drug used for blood pressure or heart issues, the drug could pose health risks to pregnant women or children.

Issues could range from birth defects and miscarriage for pregnant women to death of infants exposed prior to birth and severe adverse reactions in young children. The recall includes bottles with a hundred 100mg pills from lot number 331771 with an expiration date of June 2021.

As with any drug recall, the potential exists for people to have already taken the contaminated drug before the recall or to not hear about the recall in a timely manner, leaving them at increased risk for adverse reactions and medical consequences. Anyone adversely impacted by dangerous medications may have the right to seek compensation from a San Antonio product liability lawyer.


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