Recalled hernia mesh can lead to many medical complications

Hernia mesh is in many ways a medical breakthrough that can provide many more years of fulfilling existence for those who might otherwise have to deal with chronic pain and loss of function. A hernia was once the end of someone’s career but may now be little more than a painful pitstop on the path to professional achievement.

 Unfortunately, not every company that manufactures hernia mesh maintains the same high standards. Several kinds of hernia mesh have been part of recalls due to issues the hernia mesh creates after surgical implantation in someone’s body. These defective medical products can cause consumers pain and financial losses.

Hernia mesh can fail or lead to major complications

The whole point of a hernia mesh repair surgery is to improve someone’s quality of life and reduce the pain associated with their injury. For some patients, the surgery results in more pain that doesn’t go away after the incision heals.

Other times, people can wind up with an infection or a recurrence of the hernia the mesh should have addressed. In some cases, hernia mesh can cause adhesion, a painful condition where tissue scars and sticks together inside the body. Hernia mesh can even block the intestines or tear a hole in the tissue to which the doctor attaches it.

Patients experiencing this kind of hernia mesh failure typically have significant symptoms that require at least one surgery to correct, if not more. Those hurt by recalled hernia mesh products may have legal rights to hold either the manufacturer or the physician who implanted the mesh responsible for the impact the failed medical device has had on their life. Call a San Antonio personal injury lawyer at 210-366-4949 today.


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