State now publishing numbers on elderly care facilities

Texas has more than 1,200 elderly care homes, which are hotbeds for the deadly coronavirus. Yet until May 1, residents or their loved ones could not find out if there were any known COVID-19 cases in the homes. According to data (click here for updated info) provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services, there are 379 assisted living facilities and 830 nursing homes where at least one case has been reported.

This information enables loved ones who need to move the elderly into a care facility or wish to move them to another more suitable one to have information about the move’s safety. Unfortunately, this information is far from comprehensive, leaving much guesswork about those living in or working at these facilities.

Why is there a focus on these facilities?

The media focuses on the illness and fatalities among the elderly for many reasons. Most notable is that the elderly commonly have underlying medical conditions that make them more susceptible to the virus. There are an estimated 4,300 confirmed cases of the virus and 740 deaths among the elderly. Many more are suspected of having the virus. As a hotbed for COVID-19, these facilities are also particularly dangerous for workers of all ages — 650 employees have become ill and more than 100 have died.

Loved ones can protect workers and elderly

Families of those who contract or die from COVID-19 have a right to find out what happened and how the virus was transmitted. Depending on the circumstances, they may have the option to file a suit against the organization in charge of the facility. Those with questions or concerns should speak with an attorney with experience handling cases like these to determine the likely results of a settlement or a court date.


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