Staying safe on an escalator

Many people in the San Antonio area may feel that they don’t need to be told about escalator safety. However, accidents do happen, largely because of unsafe riding practices. The National Elevator Industry has some safety tips that riders should take into consideration.

First, passengers must look at the moving steps before stepping on and off, firmly hold the handrail and remain clear of the escalator’s sides. If they have a young child with them, passengers should hold that child’s free hand and keep him or her from sitting on the steps or approaching the side area, as these certainly can be an attractive nuisance. Anyone with loose clothing must especially be wary of the sides.

Passengers should face forward and not hesitate when the time comes to step off the escalator. They should not step on the comb fingers or let their feet slide on the end of the escalator. It’s also a bad idea to stop and talk in front of the escalator exit space since other passengers will be stepping off.

Passengers cannot take items like strollers, electric scooters, wheelchairs and luggage carts on an escalator. If they are carrying a small package, they must firmly grasp it with one hand so that the other hand can hold the handrail.

Elevator accidents are rare, but they can form the basis of a premises liability case if they are the result of the property owner’s negligence. A victim who intends to pursue such a case may need to link their injuries to whatever was wrong with the escalator. The process may be easier with a lawyer since most injury attorneys have a network of investigators and other professionals who can help.


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