Study uncovers reasons for medical errors

Roughly 6% of patients in Texas and throughout the country will be impacted by medical errors during their lifetime. In 12% of those cases, a medical error will result in a significant disability or death. This is according to a study from a team of researchers that was published in the journal BMJ. The study analyzed information from 70 studies involving over 337,000 patients in the United States and Europe.

Medical errors are often caused because doctors and other medical care providers are experiencing burnout. These errors are also more likely to occur in hospitals or other facilities that don’t aren’t fully staffed. The researchers said that one potential solution is to allow patients to be seen as equal partners in achieving positive outcomes. Ideally, patients will ask questions before taking a medication or agreeing to have a procedure done. Prior to taking a medication, an individual should be sure that they are taking the correct dose.

Individuals should tell their doctors about any medications that they are currently taking while formulating a medical plan. Those who struggle to talk or communicate effectively are encouraged to bring someone with them to an appointment. This individual may be able to ensure that a doctor, surgeon or other care provider has as much information as necessary to keep a patient safe.

Those who are harmed by a medication error or any other mistake made by a medical professional might be entitled to compensation. Compensation may help to pay medical bills or pay other expenses while out of work. An attorney may be able to review a case and determine how to resolve it. Depending on the facts of the case, it might be possible to reach a negotiated settlement without the need to go through a potentially lengthy and costly trial.


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