Surgeons’ behavior and patient complications

Texas residents who may need to have surgery in the future should be aware that a link has been found between a higher chance of post-operative complications and surgeons whose unprofessional behavior was reported by co-workers. This is according to a study examining the reports made by the co-workers of 202 surgeons from two academic medical facilities.

The researchers also studied the medical records of 13,653 patients to glean information regarding any medical or surgical difficulties that occurred no later than 30 days of an operation. The unprofessional conduct included in the reports regarding surgeons pertained to polite and clear communication, not fulfilling professional duties, a lack of honesty and inadequate care.

According to the patient records, 1,583 of the patients had a complication after a surgery. The study results show that the patients who were operated on by surgeons who were reported by co-workers more had a higher likelihood of experiencing a post-surgical complication than the patients who were operated on by surgeons with no reports from co-workers.

The results of the study also indicated that the more bad conduct reports a surgeon had, the more complications there would be. Patients with surgeons who had up to three reports had an 18% higher risk of difficulties. Patients with surgeons who had at least four reports had an almost 32% higher risk than those whose surgeons had zero reports of unprofessional conduct in the last three years before their surgery.

A medical malpractice attorney may examine a client’s medical case and advise which legal options are available to pursue financial recourse for surgical errors that resulted in permanent disabilities or worsened medical conditions. Lawsuits may be filed against the surgeon who performed the procedure and the medical facility in which the procedure took place.


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