This is why fatigued driving is dangerous

You are certainly aware of the fact that driving under the influence is both illegal and dangerous in Texas, but you might not know the exact dangers of fatigued driving. The truth is that driving without the proper amount of sleep can be every bit as dangerous.

The disturbing stats about fatigued driving

Too many drivers underestimate the necessity of getting the proper sleep before driving. This leads to many people falling asleep behind the wheel. The number of people who admit to falling asleep while driving is startling: In the past year alone, 20% of drivers surveyed admitted to dozing off while the car was in operation. Double that number said that they have fallen asleep at least once during their driving career.

Why fatigued driving is dangerous

Falling asleep does not have to be for more than a few seconds to be dangerous. Just in the brief time that a driver dozes off, they can miss the chance to take defensive action to avoid a serious accident. Even if they do not fully fall asleep, their reaction times are slowed. Driving without sleeping for more than 20 hours is the equivalent of driving with a .08 blood alcohol level. This is the legal limit in nearly all states. However, fatigued driving is not illegal. Thus, it is up to each driver to monitor themselves and make sure that they are always well-rested when they start their car.

If you have been injured in an accident where fatigued driving was a factor, chances are that the fatigued driver is at fault for the accident. When the other driver was negligent, they can be sued for the damages that you have suffered. You may want to contact a motor vehicle accidents attorney to learn more about how you can file a personal injury lawsuit to be compensated for your harm. The attorney may then be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf or try the case in court.


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