Tips on Choosing the Right Nursing Home

choosing the right nursing home in san antonio texas

Nobody expects their loved one to be mistreated at a nursing home. After all, it should be a haven for vulnerable senior citizens. But, unfortunately, cases of elder abuse in nursing homes are commonplace, going by recent statistics. Therefore, it is crucial to do some due diligence before checking your loved one in any facility. Choosing the right nursing home for your loved one can save families from the stress that comes with elder and nursing home abuse.

Elder abuse can take many forms, from physical and emotional abuse, neglect, or even confinement. To prevent your loved one from falling victim, here are some tips that may come in handy:

Research the Nursing Home Facility

Most nursing homes have an online presence. You should check out any negative reviews which will help you make the right decision. Most facilities can be found on, where you can make comparisons on the available facilities. The site also has reports by inspectors, which may be advisable to put into consideration.

Visit Various Nursing Homes

Seeing is believing. When you physically visit a nursing home, you will see everything firsthand and make decisions based on your findings. It is necessary to make such visits more than once at different times of the day. That way, you will have unbiased information on how the facility operates. Do not forget to ask questions during your visits.

Talk to Friends and Family Members

Your social circle could hold invaluable information that may help you make the right choice of nursing home for your loved one. Their recommendations may be worth exploring, especially if they have good things to say about a facility.

Do you Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

Not all forms of nursing home abuse have physical evidence. Therefore it is essential to look out for any signs of abuse, such as a withdrawal from people or a drastic shift in personality. All these can point to something amiss. The nursing care staff owe your loved one a duty of care, and if they act contrary to it, it is necessary to be aware of the steps you can take in making amends for your loved ones.

Speak with an experienced San Antonio nursing home abuse lawyer if you suspect your loved one isn’t being treated properly.


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