Mistakes After a Car Wreck

A car crash is a stressful experience, and many people make questionable decisions right after a collision. The things that you do and stay at the scene of a crash could potentially affect your legal rights and your finances for years to come. Knowing the common mistakes after a car wreck may leave you less likely to make these same mistakes if you do get into a crash.

Moving a Vehicle Without Documenting the Scene

Once you move your vehicle to a new location, it can be very difficult for you to explain to police officers or insurance professionals how the scene of the crash proves you weren’t the one who caused the collision. Collecting photo and video evidence with mobile phones after a wreck can help preserve crucial evidence that may later play a role in a civil case or an insurance claim.

Not Involving the Police

Technically, drivers should report any collision that results in injury or property damage. Still, sometimes one driver convinces the other not to make an official report. They may claim to want to avoid points on their license or to have someplace they need to be so they can’t wait for the cops to come.

If someone gives you their contact information and promises to pay for the damage to your vehicle, you may take them at their word. However, you may have a hard time holding them to their word without a police report affirming your side of the story.

Not Receiving Medical Attention After a Car Wreck

Some people might think that if they take a few over-the-counter pain relievers before going to bed that night, they don’t need to see a doctor after a crash. However, issues ranging from whiplash to traumatic brain injuries may not be obvious right away after a wreck.

Delaying your diagnosis might mean the condition worsens before you get treatment. Additionally, a big gap between when the crash occurred and when a doctor diagnoses you can make it harder to get insurance coverage for those injuries later.

Knowing common mistakes after a car wreck can help you protect yourself after a collision. If you’ve been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, contact an experienced car accident injury lawyer at Janicek Law for a free consultation.


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