Truck crashes may have multiple defendants

Motor vehicle collisions involving semi-trucks typically result in severe if not fatal injuries. If the big rig’s driver is responsible for the damages, it is not just the person in the driver seat who can be held accountable. Along with the negligent driver, there may be a neglectful trucking line or employer, defective truck part manufacturer and others who may also be involved.

The list of defendants

Responsibility may lie with one or more of the defendants. They include:

  • Driver: They are human and can make mistakes. They can make a wrong decision behind the wheel, try to push through fatigue or drowsiness, or use alcohol or drugs while on the job. Even sober and rested, they may still become distracted by their device or something else in the cab.
  • Trucking line: Employers must do thorough background checks, properly train drivers, monitor their performance, and provide them with safe equipment.
  • Maintenance: Outside businesses will often perform truck repairs and maintenance. Sloppy or improper work by mechanics can lead to dangerous rigs on the road.
  • Manufacturers: Defective parts or designs can lead to system failure of brakes, tires, steering, or other things. Sometimes they rush rigs to market while skimping on inspection protocols.
  • Loading or shipping company: Improperly loaded trailers will not perform as expected and designed, particularly when cargo shifts. Improper loads can lead to overturns, jackknifes and trucks unable to maneuver at speed.

These cases are complex

Unlike a simple case where the driver in another car was drunk or distracted, a complex range of factors caused the crash and injury. Some personal injury attorneys know how to hold all negligent parties accountable for their actions. This knowledge and experience help secure more significant, more appropriate settlements or awards for their clients.


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