What can you do if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance?

In Texas, like in most other states, liability-based insurance protects you on the road. Your policy helps ensure that someone won’t sue you for any injuries or property damage that you cause.

When a driver causes a car accident, their insurance will pay for any property damage losses or injuries that other people suffer. That way, drivers who don’t contribute to crashes don’t necessarily have to worry about increasing insurance rates or personal expenses related to a collision that they didn’t actually cause.

There is, however, an obvious shortcoming with liability-based car insurance for motor vehicle collisions. You are dependent on the coverage of the other driver if you get hurt in a major wreck. What happens when the person who causes a crash doesn’t have any insurance at all?

Uninsured drivers put others at risk on the Texas roads

People without insurance may think that their actions are victimless, but that is only true for as long as they don’t cause a crash. As soon as someone who lets their insurance policy lapse hurts someone else or damages their property, their non-compliance with insurance requirements becomes a serious issue.

The other party affected by the crash may have to make a claim against their own insurance or pay out of pocket for property damage expenses and lost wages. Thankfully, Texas has a relatively high rate of insured drivers.

It ranks 40th in the nation for uninsured drivers, making it one of the states with the highest degree of compliance with car insurance requirements. However, there are still roughly 8.3% of Texas drivers who don’t have an active insurance policy protecting them or their vehicle.

Not carrying insurance opens someone up to a liability claim

A motor vehicle insurance policy protects the person who pays the premium from liability. Without that insurance, they are at risk of someone taking them to civil court.

You can potentially file a personal injury claim against an uninsured driver who wrecks your vehicle or leaves you with a serious injury. The courts could rule in your favor, awarding you damages for your lost wages, uncovered vehicle damage and other expenses, like medical bills.

Learning more about your rights after a motor vehicle crash can help you take the right steps to protect yourself.


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