Why PT is a necessary part of recovery for many crash victims

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident, your doctor may recommend or even order physical therapy (PT) to help you recover and get back your previous mobility as much as possible. Even if you “only” suffered whiplash, you could be experiencing pain and other symptoms that PT can help alleviate.

If you’re seeking compensation from an at-fault driver and/or their insurance company, make sure that you include the expenses you’ll have for PT for however long you’ll need it. Don’t let anyone tell you that PT isn’t essential to your treatment and recovery. It often plays a crucial role.

How physical therapy can reduce the cost of your medical care

The right treatment plan by a good physical therapist can actually reduce your overall medical costs in the long run. Here are some examples.

Physical therapy can help you recover more quickly by easing pain and improving your flexibility and mobility. This can help you get back to work and to your normal life sooner (and with less – if any – pain medication) than if you didn’t have the therapy. Just getting your body moving again in the right way, with professional supervision, can help you feel better.

Physical therapy can lessen the risk of long-term damage. Good medical treatment coupled with physical therapy can help prevent things like degenerative disc disease and other chronic problems that people who have been in a car crash can experience for years afterward.

Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery. By strengthening strained tendons, muscles and ligaments that protect other parts of the body, PT may prevent the need for surgery later on. Too often, untreated injuries coupled with normal wear and tear lead to conditions that require surgery to alleviate pain and help mobility issues. PT is certainly a lot less expensive (and risky) than surgery.

What happens when the insurer doesn’t want to cover your physical therapy

If your doctor has authorized PT for your crash injuries, those expenses should be included in your claim for as long as your therapy is needed. If you’re having difficulty getting compensation for it, an experienced attorney can help you.


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