Zoom causes uptick in motor vehicle crashes

The pandemic has prompted many changes in our day-to-day life. Many office workers and family members cite an increase in video conferencing through platforms like Zoom. One development that is alarming safety advocates is that people driving their car are participating in Zoom meetings.

Dangerous behavior is up

According to safety advocates, the number of drivers is down, but dangerous practices are up:

  • Driving while using the phone is up 38% during the pandemic.
  • Speeding is up 27% during the pandemic.
  • Hard braking (a sign of not watching the road) is up 25% during the pandemic.

To no one’s surprise, it appears that drivers are also more preoccupied in 2020 with burdensome worries about the Coronavirus and the economy.

Driving while videoconferencing

Many are enjoying working from home. But rather than perhaps staying in their workspace or going for a walk while connected to the meeting, some are opting to run errands. Safety advocates claim that the increased use of these platforms is a major reason for the surge in device usage while driving.

Reckless driving can harm others

Regardless of how safe one drives, they may fall victim to other people’s distracted driving. Just looking away from the road for two seconds is enough to travel the length of a football field when driving 55 MPH. Imagine someone trying to see a manager’s or colleague’s face on their device while driving (it will take a lot longer than two seconds)? This can lead to serious injury or even death to the victims. Those who suspect the other driver in a crash were distracted should contact a San Antonio personal injury attorney to discuss their legal options to hold that driver accountable.


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