Can injuries from a car accident show up later?

Getting into a car crash can be a traumatic experience, especially if it involves an injury. However, sometimes car accidents occur and it seems as if there are no injuries. It is not uncommon for a driver to have a rather serious crash but feel there are no major injuries to speak of following the incident.

What many drivers are unaware of is that there are certain types of serious injuries that have a delayed onset. That means an injury could actually manifest symptoms not right away, but hours, days or even months after the car accident. It is important to know about these types of delayed onset injuries so that, if you are in a car accident, you can be aware of the symptoms and know what to do.

Delayed onset injuries after a car crash

One of the most common symptoms you should look out for after a car crash is a headache. Headaches occur frequently after car accidents and should not be dismissed as inconsequential, because they could be a sign of a more serious problem, such as a traumatic head injury. Other related symptoms include lower back pain and neck pain. Some people may seek chiropractic or other outpatient-type treatment for these symptoms. The best course of action is to see your physician after any car accident in which you experience even minor symptoms.

Traumatic head injuries

There are many cases in which motor vehicle accident victims walk away from the crash thinking that everything is fine only to later experience symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Brain damage can show up long after a car accident and has several telltale signs. Some of the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include dizziness or balance problems, confusion, a persistent headache or a recurring headache (as described above), speech problems, trouble sleeping or excessive fatigue, disorientation, as well as nausea and/or vomiting.

If any of the symptoms described above show up for you after a car accident, do not hesitate to contact your doctor right away, or in a severe case, an emergency room. In any car accident, you should always document the details of the crash and get all the necessary information about the other driver. In the event you need to seek compensation for your injuries, and if the other driver was negligent, you need to have the proper information to seek legal recourse.


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