How Does the Attorney General Stop Nursing Home Abuse in Texas?

How Does the Attorney General Stop Nursing Home Abuse in Texas

The Attorney General is responsible for various legal undertakings throughout the state. One of those duties is to ensure long-term care for seniors that is safe and healthy. The Attorney General of Texas ensures that all residents in long-term care facilities can live without abuse or neglect through several different safeguards. So, how does the Attorney General stop nursing home abuse?

Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities

The DADS handles the regulation of long-term care facilities. The agency will issue licenses and conduct inspections. It also upholds all of the strict health and safety standards set under the law. If a facility is lacking in any regard, the DADS will take steps to correct the problems and hold the operators responsible.

The DADS also has a hotline and email that allows anyone to report issues with facilitates.

The Attorney General will have the DADS investigate any complaint that comes in. After the investigation, if the DADS finds issues, it refers the case to the Attorney General who can then take legal action against the facility.

Medical Fraud Control Unit

The Medical Fraud Control Unit operates under the Attorney General’s office. It also investigates issues with long-term care facilities. Specifically, this agency handles anything that could be criminal in nature, which includes some nursing home abuse cases. It does only have jurisdiction over facilities that receive funding through Medicaid.

The Attorney General’s office also will take any complaints or concerns directly. If you think your loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect, you should seek help immediately. You can also alert DADS, the Medical Fraud Control Unit or the Attorney General’s office directly to report the situation.

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