The unique dangers posed by pickup trucks 

You may have wondered: are SUVs safer than cars? People ask a similar question about pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are becoming increasingly popular among road users across the country. There are many reasons for this, with a common perception being that pickup trucks offer increased safety. However, is this really the case?

Research suggests that the opposite may be true and that pickup drivers may be more susceptible to severe injury or even death during a collision. Outlined below are some of the key reasons why this might be the case.

Impaired visibility

Being able to see where you are going as well as the environment around you is vital in staying safe on the roads. Pickup trucks tend to offer a higher vantage point, but does this translate to safer travel?

There are many potential drawbacks to being placed in a higher position within a vehicle. Other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists operate at a different level, meaning that you cannot be seen. If you cannot see a fellow road user who has strayed into your path, then you are simply not going to be able to stop in time should that be necessary.

A higher center of gravity

Having a lower center of gravity typically means that balance can be retained during sudden turns and other driving maneuvers.

Pickup trucks are not afforded this privilege, making them susceptible to rollover accidents. This type of accident may not only have devastating consequences for drivers and passengers but also anyone else within the vicinity.

There are all kinds of dangers out there on the road, and not all of them are obvious. A car’s height and center of gravity can pose serious dangers. If you have been injured in a road traffic collision, it is in your best interests to explore the numerous legal rights at your disposal.


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