What Memory Problems Occur with a Traumatic Brain Injury?

During a car accident, there are various ways to injure your head. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) includes any head injury that may affect the way your brain works. It can consist of blunt trauma to the head or penetrating trauma. According to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, memory problems can occur in moderate to severe injuries.

If you suffer from a TBI, it can affect your perspective and long and short-term memories.

How TBIs Affect Prospective Memory

Prospective memory refers to your ability to remember. For example, if you make plans, you need to remember those plans long enough to reach fruition. After a TBI, you may find it difficult to keep appointments. You may be a punctual person but find it difficult to remember the time of your appointment. You may tell people you plan to visit and never show up.

You may lose track of important dates, such as holidays and birthdays. When it comes to taking medication, you may have trouble remembering what time to take it.

How TBIs Affect Short and Long-Term Memory

When you have a traumatic brain injury, it can make it difficult to process and learn new information. You may forget recent events but still remember the past. Most people with a TBI still have their long-term memory intact. Yet, they may not be able to explain what happens day after day.

A TBI may also impact your ability to keep track of your belongings. Everyone loses their keys, wallet or phone once in a while. After a TBI, you may struggle more with losing belongings. Likewise, you may forget what time of day it is or what you did earlier.

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